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Product Updates

Learn about our update process and everything you need to know about keeping your software up-to-date.

What is a launch cycle?

A launch cycle is a fancy way of referring to a new update or release. A cycle will include all the features, fixes, improvements, and changes to our software. Learn more about launch cycles. Download links for all supported platforms can be found on the Download page.

The process of installing Olle is different for each platform.

How can I keep up with product news?

All of the important information can be found via our community forum or through a Release Notes posted for each cycle. These posts cover everything you need to know including detailed notes, the changelog, real time status reports, and more.

Where do I submit a feature request?

Have an idea for a feature? We'd love to hear it! Simply head over to the feature request form and share it with our team just like any other support request. Please add the phrase "Feature Request" to the front of your post title.

How To Access Support

All support is provided via support [at] mattebot.co.