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Prompts Structure

You can easily extend Olle by writing custom prompts for your specific needs. Each prompt is a self-contained text file (ending with the .olle file extension) that is loaded when the app is first launched or when prompts are reloaded.

Meta Info

Each prompt contains a block header which specifies the title, description, hint, author, tags, and category.

 Title: Blog Post Generator
 Description: This prompt is designed to help you showcase your product/service through a relatable and engaging story that highlights how it has helped a customer achieve their goal.
 Hint: [Embark on a Journey of Success]
 Author: Marcell
 Tags: one,two,three
 Category: blogging

The Body

All prompts created in Olle contains a body function that takes between 1-100 arguments. This is where the input/output operations will occur.

I need a [type of blog post] that will tell a story about my [product/service] and how it has helped [ideal customer persona] achieve their goal in a relatable and engaging way.[PROMPT].

The body area is where you would define your variables (denoted by the square brackets)


Once your body text is declared you are able to set values for each defined variable ([type of blog post], etc.). In the case of the body text above, there are 4 variables (excluding [PROMPT]) which are defined.

Setting variable options

Directly after the body text you can declare variable values.

[type of blog post:Blog Post Type:Tutorial:Tutorial|Journey|Experience|Case Study|Testimonial]
[product/service:Product/Service:Product 1:Product 1|Product 2|Product 3]
[ideal customer persona:Customer Persona:Business Owner:Business Owner|Freelancer|Entrepreneurs|Creative Professionals]