Olle Translation EN

Getting Started

In this guide, we're going to explain how to utilize Olle and walk you through features the Olle various features the software has to offer.


Installing Olle is very easy. Head over to the Download page to grab the latest copy.

Note: Olle is not free and a license is required to use it

  1. Download the installer.
  2. Double-click on the installer and follow the provided steps.

Note: If you have downloaded Olle via the App Store (Apple, etc.), you can simply run the program without the installer

Olle Toolbar

Once Olle is installed on and running on your machine, you can activate it by pressing the control + v key. This will bring up a floating toolbar with 4 icons.

  1. Prompts
  2. Paste
  3. Conversations
  4. Olle

1. Prompts

The prompts icon button takes brings up the prompt windows for Olle. The list contains all of the prompts you have installed via your machine. This is also the screen where you can set the current prompt for Olle.

2. Paste

The paste command is used to paste a response that Olle has provided. Perhaps you've missed a response and this feature is here to help you recover the missing response.

3. Conversations

The conversations icon button allows you to have Olle remember conversations and questions you may have asked.

Note: All conversational data is stored on your machine only.

Use this window to set new conversations or refer to older conversations.

4. Olle

The Olle icon button allows you to ask questions or instruct Olle to perform some task. When you click this option, a drop-down menu displaying your current prompt and a text field appears.

Account Setup

There are two ways to setup an account.

  1. When you make a purchase directly from our website, your account will be created as part of the checkout process.
  2. If you have purchased one of our products from the app store (Apple, etc.), you do not need to setup an account.


The dashboard provides a quick summary of your account related info including product purchases, and more.

Supported Operating Systems

At this time we currently support the following platforms: macOS

How To Access Support

All support is provided via support [at] mattebot.co. Simply click the support link in the footer of this page to send us an email.